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Wine glasses transparent 6 pcs 150 ml
MURANO body two-piece orange / black
BODY MILANO two-piece white
MURANO two-piece red / black body
Picture - with citrus crusher and press
Baking mold CEREAL BAR 30X17.5
Cup marker PARTY PEOPLE (12 pieces)Cup marker PARTY PEOPLE (12 pieces)
With a pineapple slicer. GiftWith a pineapple slicer. Gift
Wine glass LE VIN (4 pieces)Wine glass LE VIN (4 pieces)
Wine glass ARISTO 380 ml. (4 pieces)Wine glass ARISTO 380 ml. (4 pieces)
Wine glass SIENNA 500 ml.Wine glass SIENNA 500 ml.
Langer set (6 units)
Banana container
A set of spice / seasoning containers
Aromacontainer 0.6 l.
Sugar and rice container 0.6 l.
Double rod and fillet
A set of fruit tools
Bottle Vacuum Cap - Color (3 pieces)
Bottle lip CRYSTAL (black)Bottle lip CRYSTAL (black)
Body Single SINGLE PULL (Black)
Bodywork SINGLE PULL (White)

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