New Year costumes

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Kapishonka Elf
Sassy Elf Elf costume for women size XXL
Christmas tree dress, size 98 cm white
Christmas tree dress, size 90 cm
Baby costume Miss Santa 6-8 yrs
Costume Miss Santa 3-5 yrs
Sassy Elf New Year Elf costume for women size L
Sassy Elf Elf costume for women size M
Costume Elf 12-14 yrs
Costume Star Boy 3-5s
Kapishonka Santa
Baby costume Rudolph 3-5 years
Costume Red Santa L
Costume Red Santa M
Santa hat, beard, eyebrows, hat. Santa kit.
Santa accessories set
Santa gloves
Santa gloves
Elf pantyhose for kids
Snowflake tights
Christmas socks Santa 1 pcs
Christmas socks with a bandage 1 pc
Adult Costume Elf Size L
Costume elf XXL Adult Costume Elf Size XXL

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