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Abaddon with tools
Abadok with a knife
Wall decoration bloody hands 23 pieces
Halloween makeup white 19 ml
Glitter decoration chandelier 17 units
Halloween Award for Best Costume 24 cm x 7.6 cm
Toilet cap zombie 60.9 cm x 30.4 cm
Spider web bowl 27 cm
Artificial blood 30 ml
Black lip balm
Black lip balm
Latex wound kit 6 pcs
Artificial blood 100 ml
Abaddock shone with horns
Costume Imperial witch
Flower skeleton head 45 cm
Window decoration 14 pieces 43 x 30.4 cm
Bloody bracelet in the plate 10 pieces 23 cm
Ribbon for Halloween 3 types 910 cm each
Halloween spider web white 100 g
Halloween makeup red 19 ml
Halloween makeup green 19 ml
Vampire teeth (with glue)
vampire teeth

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