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The microphone is silver
Paper plate Rainbow Chevron 22.8 cm
Paper plate Rainbow Dots 22.8 cm
Plate 8 pieces white 17.7 cm
Cup 1st Birthday Blue Ombre 250 ml 8 pcs
Cups Rainbow Chevron 250 ml 8 pcs
Cups Rainbow Dots 250 ml 8 pcs
Cup of Boho Birthday Flowers 266 ml 8 pcs
Foil Bubble Sequins Orbz
Giant Foil Balloon Cap & Diploma P35
Giant Foil Balloon Globe P35
A giant foiled bubble donut
Giant foil balloon Caticorn P35
Giant Foil Balloon Babysaurus P35
Giant Foil Balloon Koala P35
Foiled Balloon Disney Princesses S60
Soap heart 1 tspSoap heart 1 tsp
Candle heart 1 pc

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