About the conditions

Date of update: 12/12/2020

Thank you for being a loyal user of My-Day.

If you are not satisfied with the products purchased at Maidai, please see the return and exchange policy details below.

The following terms and conditions apply to any product purchased on the www.my-day.ge website.

Interpretation and explanation


The words below are used in the document with the meaning as described in the definition. 



Relevant words used in this document for the sole purpose of interpreting this document:

  • You, you Means any person who uses our services and products, any company that uses our services and products, any legal entity that uses our services and products for personal use or on behalf of the company. 
  • Company (Referred to in this Agreement as "the Company", "We", "Our" or "With Us") means the company LTD MyDay, 
    At the address 37l, i. Chavchavadze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • Services Implies web service.
  • Website Refers to the company MyDay website https://my-day.ge
  • Products Refers to items that are available and for sale on the Website.
  • Orders / order Means your request to purchase a MyDay product. 

The right to cancel the order

You have the right to cancel the order within 3 days without giving a reason.

The calculation of the order cancellation validity period starts from the placement of your order. 

In order for you to take advantage of the order cancellation request, you must contact us at the email below. Email address, within 3 days after placing the order.  

  • By email: hello@my-day.ge

We will refund the placed order amount no later than 14 days after the order. The cost of placing an order and returning a bank transaction will not be reimbursed by the company My-Day. 

Return & refund policy

In order to be able to return the purchased products, please read the return rules below:

  • No more than 3 days have passed since the purchase of the products
  • The products are packaged in the store and the packaging is undamaged.

Products cannot be returned if:

  • The purchased product is customized / personalized for you.
  • Items that do not belong to the group of recyclable products, perishable, perishable, perishable or perishable and expired products. 
  • Products whose return is not hygienic due to packaging damage. 
  • Products that were damaged during delivery if the product was not delivered by the Maiden Courier.  

We reserve the right to refuse to return a product independently of the above conditions and on a case-by-case basis. 

Returnable is only those products whose value at the time of purchase was the standard price. Unfortunately the return of products purchased at a discount is not available. 

Return of products

You are responsible for the return of the physical product and the associated transportation. The product is returned to the following address:

37 l, i. Chavchavadze avenue,
Tbilisi, Georgia 0162

When returning products, we are not responsible for returning / refunding products that were damaged or lost during the return process. Accordingly, please return the product in person, or use the official and insured postal service. We will not refund the money for the returned product unless a receipt for the purchase of the relevant product will be submitted upon return of the product. 


If the purchased product was a gift and is reflected in our system as a gift, you will be given a store credit for the returned product. Store credit will be sent to you via email. By mail within 24 hours of product return. 

If the gift was not marked on our system at the time of the initial purchase, or if the product was delivered to the buyer and later delivered to you, we will refund the money directly to the gift buyer. 

Contact Us

  • If you have additional questions about our return conditions, please contact us by email. By email: hello@my-day.ge